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Customer Testimonials

I had my 2000 Honda serviced this Monday - I can give high ratings on whatever points you "grade". I appreciate a long-time work-relationship with Mark Lipstein … I trust him to suggest needed services as soon as he sees them on the horizon; also, I trust him not to "sell" services that I do not NEED yet.

Martha Calderwood
As always Mark took great care of organizing my service appt!!  Even though I had a ride to pick me up, two of the courtesy drivers asked to see if I needed a lift.  I could tell they were very sincere in asking. 
Tom Pace

Results from my recent visit were excellent. Service was friendly and professional. I was consulted on all work to be done. Work was completed within my time expectations. Great job!!

John Stack

Brown Honda is great. I was reminded of my appointment and parked and found Michelle. She had my paperwork ready and each person is greeted and taken care of with precision.

I had a nice rest in  the lounge and my car was ready in record time. David Sloan brought me my inspection papers...

I left without seeing Mr. Young or Mr Warren but they were busy as they always are...which is good for Honda. I did speak with a gentleman and told him the 'Ford Ad, should now go with the Ford guy going back to Honda'... Take care....I love my Accord.

Patricia Berger

I'd like to let you know that I am constantly pleased with your service team.  Several times I've come in without an appointment and they have immediately helped with my problem.  The service team is fast, efficient, friendly and competent. 

In particular, I would like to recognize the man on the far left of the service counter, and the woman next to him.  In addition, I thought Jamie was great.  Keep up the excellent service.  It is wonderful.
Kathy Wesson
Yesterday's visit (1/29/14) was actually a "surprise" visit.  I stopped by without an appointment because I had become confused, as this year began, where I stood in the recommendations for standard maintenance.

My 2011 Civic reached 15,000 miles c. May 2013, and I had that special service done by itself....no regular maintenance.  I figured I would return for that sometime later last year.  But I pretty much forgot about it.

But, how that I am retired, I am driving only about 7,000 miles a year, not my previous 12,000.  You recommend maintenance every 5,000 miles or 6 months, and I certainly am not going to cover 5,000 that quickly.

So I simply popped into the service dept to ask where I was at this point on the maintenance spectrum.  I was told that I hadn't been there AT ALL since last May.  The service person suggested that she could have the regular maintenance done right there and then, on the spot.  That seemed like a splendid idea to me, so it was done.  Zero hassle, not even making an appointment!  Painless.  I guess when one is retired, one can just say, "Sure.  Do it right now.  You've got someone available, and I certainly have the time."

I'll try to get back there in 6 months or so.

Martha Williams

In a word, "excellent!"  Both Mark and Mallory are a pleasure to to deal with.

Patrick Fowler

As always, my time at spent at the service department of Brown Honda was exceptional. 2/24/14

Kathy Sims
The service I received on Friday 2-21-14 was EXCELLENT.  All the service by Brown Honda is always excellent.  That's the reason we keep coming back and purchasing cars from your dealership.Thanks!
Jackie Harris

First of all, I would like to tell you what a challenge I am. I expect great service from anywhere I go. I ask a lot of questions and expect to get a clear answer, not well..... I am not sure. On the day I had my Honda serviced, I asked a lot of questions about the warranty left on my Honda since there was an issue with it. I came in for an oil change and ended up spending over 300.00 due to a 75,000 mile check up being due. Was I upset... no. My questions were answered opening and honestly, I had a clear understanding of why I needed the items done. This to me is important. I felt that I was the only customer there that day, which of course I was not. But just having the respect from the young man that answered all of my questions, made me feel this way. As long as I have been buying cars, I have never had this kind of service from any dealerships in Charlottesville.Thank you for the great service and for taking such great care of my Honda.

Kathy Stuples